Analyzing Mortgage Data in the Cloud

Greenwich Analytica’s William M. Cohee, gives us a nice walk through of how an analysis of Fannie Mae mortgage data can be conducted in the Cloud using Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta and Google Data Studio. Adoption of the Cloud Computing model is accelerating. Even in the risk averse Financial Services sector, we are seeing some of the barriers to …

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is much more than a tech fad. As a concept, its been around for decades under various names. The difference now is the stakes are higher – there’s much more riding on the outcomes. Here’s a great short read on why Digital Transformation is not just a buzzword…

Big Data: The Next Frontier

Digital data is now everywhere. The possibilities of Big Data continue to evolve rapidly, driven by innovation in the underlying technologies, platforms, and analytic capabilities for handling data. Read the infamous McKinsey Report:

Offense or Defense?

The challenge for CDOs and the rest of the C-suite is to establish the appropriate trade-offs between defense and offense and to ensure the best balance in support of the company’s overall strategy.