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Traditional business models are being disrupted.

Digital Transformation is taking hold and revolutionizing entire industries.

Data is at the center of this historic pivot – it is the lifeblood of the new digital economy.

Is your business well positioned to recognize and seize the new opportunities?  Does your firm have the know-how and the wherewithal to fend off disruptive, data-savvy upstarts threatening established positions in the markets where you operate? Seismic shifts are taking place and the stakes are high.

The complexity of managing data and leveraging it intelligently can be overwhelming.  Greenwich Analytica is a progressive analytics firm that helps clients with the specialised technology, best practices, and data rigor required to thrive in the digital economy. Its value proposition is based on six data disciplines: Data Management, Data Analytics, Data Strategy, Data Integration, Data Protection, and Agile Management.

Data Management

Informed business decisions need systematically assembled data and analysis behind them. There is a discipline to acquiring data, cleansing and validating it, organizing it, maintaining it, and securely delivering it to the right people at the right time. Pitfalls and landmines can sabotage best laid plans. Greenwich Analytica provides the wisdom and guidance to help control for data risk and promote confidence in business decisions through higher quality data.

Data Analytics

The competitive landscape is evolving.  For most firms the leap into Data Analytics isn’t a question of if but of when and how. Top performing companies are 5x more likely to apply analytics than their peers. Low-informed businesses run the risk of falling behind their data savvy competition. The strategic imperative is not lost on everyone, most understand. Part of the problem is how to mobilize in an environment where there is a major shortfall of experienced talent. An estimated 190k Data Analytics positions will go unfilled. Greenwich Analytica helps firms bridge the Data Analytics divide and get them on the path to using data-driven insights to make informed decisions faster.

Data Strategy

Disruptive forces such as Cloud, Big Data, and Machine Learning are changing the nature of business. Preparing and managing for these can be a daunting task. As technology and data grow exponentially, it’s imperative for firms to have a robust, well thought out Data Strategy. Greenwich Analytica can help assess a firm’s data maturity and help formulate a roadmap toward becoming a data-driven business that is well positioned to harvest data and exploit technology as game-changing differentiators instead of threats.

Data Integration

Data’s usefulness is extremely limited if it’s poorly integrated. Many firms overlook Data Integration at the expense of acquiring massive amounts of new data as quickly as possible. The best way to pollute a data ecosystem is by collecting data indiscriminately and not doing enough to secure, match, link, combine and frame it effectively to have meaning and value. Avoid the expensive trap most set for themselves when neglecting this under-served stage of the data life cycle – there is a significant payoff for the up-front investment and Greenwich Analytica has the expertise and experience to help get it right.

Data Protection

Unprotected data exposes a firm to multiple risks. The challenge with securing data is that data grows rapidly, it’s fluid, and it’s also polymorphic. To protect data effectively, it must be secured at rest, when it’s being distributed, and in the various shapes and formats it can take. The regulatory and legal environment is evolving – firms may find themselves responsible for data they didn’t realize they had or were obligated to secure. Embracing Cloud and supporting analytical privacy further reinforce the significance of having sound Data Protection best practices. Greenwich Analytica is well versed in the latest tools and techniques getting applied to secure data and mitigate Data Protection risks.

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Agile Management

The statistics on Big Data initiative false starts and failed Digital Transformations are staggering. Many firms are going through the growing pains of managing Data Projects at the expense of time, money, and missed opportunities. Corporate graveyards are full of dead Data Projects that were doomed to fail at the onset despite the best of intentions from smart, well respected leaders – traditional waterfall methods rarely work well in large data and technology projects. Greenwich Analytica draws from lessons learned and Agile best practices to help firms maximize the chances of new initiative success or help remediate and turn around slipping in-flight projects.

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