Big Data Analytics in the Cloud

Google BigQuery. It’s a BIG deal.

“Google is living a few years in the future and sending the rest of us messages.”

That’s a quote from Doug Cutting, co-creator of Hadoop. When it comes to the Cloud Wars, perhaps one of the plaintext messages Google is transmitting from the future is:

Game Over – we win!

BigQuery is the branding and bundling of technical innovations Google created and perfected internally for over a decade. The tech behind BigQuery helps Google run.

By exposing these technologies as a product, we all have the ability to easily unleash the data processing power of Google onto our Big Data datasets in a cost-effective way.

Key features:

  • Serverless & fully-managed
  • Super fast & super scalable
  • Secure. Data encrypted at rest & on-the-wire
  • Inexpensive & easy to use

To become a little more versed in BigQuery & what is behind it, you can click over to my 16 slide Executive Intro to BigQuery. My Slideshare gets you up to speed and also has a short demo that taps into the power of BigQuery from R. For a good high-level overview of R, I suggest checking out my 12 slide Executive Intro to R.

In the Amazon-Google-Microsoft-IBM-Oracle battle for your data and IT budget dollars, Google sees BigQuery as a key differentiator. And they could be right.

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re-posted with permission from the author, William M. Cohee

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